February 11, 2015

Offer + Great Realtor = Success

In this business, many times clients say to me…”just bring me an offer.” Getting an offer on your home or making an offer on a property is only half the battle. Of course, a large part of your Realtor's job is to advertise and promote your property to potential buyers to “get you a buyer.”

The next hurdle for your Realtor is to help facilitate your offer turning into a valid contract & overseeing your contract making it through repair negotiations, financing dates & the appraisal process (what is known as your due diligence period). This part of the deal requires your agent to be able to help in so many ways. Many times negotiations can “feel” personal and your agent may have to help you overcome your emotions involved in a sale.

 Your Realtor/agent has to be able to understand financing and have knowledge of various loan types, terms and time limitations involved.  Your Realtor should have a clear understanding of the recent comparable properties which can/could affect your appraisal. Last… but certainly not least, your agent needs to be able to negotiate repairs. This is something your agent should have detailed knowledge and experience in.

Repairs are one of the most volatile areas of the negotiation process and should be handled delicately. Being able to get a property from contract to closing requires your agent to be able to guide and support their party through the negotiation process as calmly as possible to help everyone involved to get to the closing table. A bad, un-experienced or unreasonable Realtor on either side of a transaction can make the buying/selling process much more uncomfortable and more difficult.  It is our job as Brokers/Realtors to be “facilitators” to the sale and to represent our clients’ rights as well as help our clients keep in mind the end goal…GET TO CLOSING!

It is important to make sure when you hire your Realtor that you ask them about their experience in getting properties from time of contract to the date of closing. Does your agent have a great track record? How many deals has your agent successfully handled in their career? In the past year? How many of their deals fell through? Why did they not close? Is your agent active in the marketplace? Constantly networking with other agents? Are they someone with whom you feel comfortable representing you? Thanks for reading! For questions email me at shannonlee@seacoastrealty.com

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