January 20, 2015

2014 End of Year Real Estate Recap

The annual market report was recently reported from the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors new president Sherri Pickard and I found it to be extremely positive news that I needed to share.

Overall, our average sales price has increased 4.6% when comparing 2014 to 2013. Only one zip code showed a decrease in average sales price. The average number of days on the market also slightly decreased in comparison.

Here is the breakdown of average sales prices per zip code:

28401: $132,649
28403: $212,842
28405: $300,789
28409: $308,567
28411: $289,741
28412: $196,712
28451: $224,523
28480: $743,370
28428: $261,366
28449: $374,272
28443: $259,299

The Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas are showing improvement almost 100% across the board which is very positive news. This is a nice indication that our housing market is healthy and getting stronger.

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