January 22, 2015

DefyGravityWilmington is now open

I couldn't resist to post about the newest family friendly attraction in the Wilmington Area, DefyGravity. Since opening a few weeks ago, I have been with my sons several times. It is awesome! Here are a few tips I have learned that I thought I should share:

  1. Be sure to reserve your flight time ahead of schedule (do not just show up and hope to jump especially on a Saturday) because they do sell out. www.defygravity.us/Wilmington       
  2. Dress as you would if you were going to the gym. I was much overdressed for my first visit and I didn’t jump (just helping my kids out of the foam pit and overseeing them learning the rules was enough to break a sweat). So, even if it’s cold outside you might want to dress in comfortable layers you can peel off if needed.
  3. No shoes on the floor, they prefer that you jump barefoot (it's just safer than sliding on the trampolines).
  4. You are required to sign a waiver (either online in advance when you book your flight time or when you arrive) prior to jumping. They actually do have 3 kiosk machines that you can sign your waiver(s) as you arrive prior to jumping if you forget to do it online in advance.
  5. Parking is a little problematic but keep in mind the flight times run on the hour and half hour; so if you are patient and keep that in mind with your arrival time a space should open up from someone leaving soon.
I also think the best deal that they offer is the KidJump, Monday-Friday 9am-12pm where kids 6 and under (which mine are) jump for $8/hour and 1 accompanying adult jumps for free! Overall... I rate this new family friendly attraction to Wilmington 5 stars. It’s clean (hopefully they keep that up, since it is brand new), the staff is very friendly/helpful and its good clean fun! So far during 3 trips the music is appropriate for all ages as well. Which as a mom, I really appreciate! So, go try it out and hopefully these tips are helpful to someone!  Enjoy!

The address is:
Defy Gravity Wilmington
6431 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28405

The phone number is:

The website is:

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